Suryatech Cement

Suryatech Cement is one of the best quality Cement made by Banshiwala cement. 

Why choose Banshiwala Cement? 

With millions of customers trusting Banshiwala Cement for products, services, and solutions, makes us preferred destination for home builders. Banshiwala Cement is best cement manufacturer in Rajasthan and leading player in the Indian Cement Manufacturing space, with a manufacturing unit and Banshiwala marketing presence in PAN India.

Banshiwala provides best quality cement in Rajasthan with large manufacturing units and selling best unitight cement, over 600 talented employees, a vast distribution network of 6,000 dealers & retailers and a countrywide spread of sales offices, it contributes tremendously to the landscape of the country.

For over a decade, Banshiwala has been synonymous with high- quality cement, establishing its reputation as a pioneer organization that consistently sets new benchmarks in research and innovative product development.

History was created more than decades ago when the doyens of the Indian cement industry unified their operations to build the foundation of a company that has only grown stronger with every passing year. Our success over the years can be attributed to our unrelenting focus on customer centricity, ethical business

practices, and sustainable development. We pay tribute to our motto of ‘Cementing Relationships’ with every single interaction with our range of stakeholders. Banshiwala’s brand architecture comprises the Unitight cement and Unitight Power Plus products assuring superior quality for general construction as well as for specialized applications and environments. Banshiwala cement’s ready-mix cement product range provides one-stop solutions from basic requirements to high grades of concrete to build the country’s tallest structures

Banshiwala cement – Best cement manufacturer in Rajasthan mainly focus to make sustainable products as an integral part of business strategy, with our Sustainable Development 2030 Plan focused on four broad themes: Climate, Circular Economy, Water & Nature and People & Communities. Our corporate social responsibility efforts benefit local communities across the country by furthering economic and social progress. Banshiwala cement was among the first Indian companies to include a commitment to environmental protection as one of its corporate objectives that leads to making Banshiwala cement top manufacturers in Rajasthan and making one of the best products i.e. Unitight cement & Unitight Power Plus cement etc. Since its inception, we have integrated this commitment into all activities of our value chain, from mining to sales to promoting the use of alternative fuels and resources, resulting in one of the lowest carbon footprints in the cement industry. Banshiwala cement became an integral part of home building - the largest and fastest-growing portfolio of diversified sustainable businesses.

How cement is made? 

Banshiwala cement manufactures in Rajasthan, various types of cements like Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) & Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Portland cement is the fundamental element of Cement. Concrete is fashioned while portland cement creates a paste with water that binds with sand and rock to harden. Cement is synthetic via an intently managed chemical mixture of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and different elements. Common substances used to fabricate cement encompass limestone, shells, and chalk or marl blended with shale, clay, slate, blast furnace slag, silica sand, and iron ore. These elements, while heated at excessive temperatures shape a rock-like substance turned into powder that we know as cement. Cement is usually produced through a dry method, which is a very usual way of producing it. After quarrying the rock is overwhelmed. This entails numerous stages. The first crushing reduces the rock to a most length of approximately 6 inches. The rock then is going to secondary crushers or hammer generators for discount to approximately three inches or smaller.

The overwhelmed rock is blended with different elements together with iron ore or fly ash and floor, mixed, and fed to a cement kiln. The finely floor uncooked fabric or the slurry is fed into the better give up. At the decrease give up is a roaring blast of flame, produced via way of means of exactly managed burning of powdered coal, oil, opportunity fuels, or fuel line beneath pressured draft. Clinker is discharged red-warm from the decrease give up of the kiln and usually is introduced right all the way down to coping with temperature in diverse varieties of coolers. The heated air from the coolers is back to the kilns, a manner that saves gasoline and will increase burning efficiency. After the clinker is cooled, cement vegetation grind it and blend it with small quantities of gypsum and limestone. Cement is so satisfactory that 1 pound of cement carries one hundred fifty billion grains.

The cement is now prepared for shipping to prepared-blend concrete agencies for use in a lot of production projects. Unitight cement - As we know, Cement is the one thing you cannot change in your home. So it’s very important to choose the high quality cement for long lasting effect. You can find all the solutions to your problems at Banshiwala cement. Banshiwala Cement is considered one of the best among India’s pioneering homegrown cement companies. Headquartered in Rajasthan, Banshiwala is known as a best cement manufacturers in Rajashtan. Banshiwala Cement has been introducing new and improved products since almost a decade ago for the betterment of construction. It has performed a catalytic position in India’s infrastructural growth. Banshiwala cement manfucaturer gives a number of cement variations in their portfolio as: Unitight Plus, Unitight Power plus, Suryatech, and Super Ulexite Cement. Banshiwala manufacturers has Portland Pozzolana Cement, Portland Slag Cement, Composite Cement and Ordinary Portland Cement in markets. Banshiwala Cement is India’s biggest producer of Unitight cement. Banshiwala Cement works with engineers and technocrats across the country to broaden a huge type of customised cement that's synthetic for precise engineering and creation needs.

We, at Banshiwala cement invests closely in studies and development, strengthening R&D centres geared up with reducing area robot labs at its nearby hubs. Our Vision is to unharnessed the ability of absolutely each person we touch. Which is the best cement for the home construction? There are three main types of cement used for Home/residence construction. They are: 1. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). 2. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). 3. Portland Slag Cement (PSC). Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC): There are 3 grades of OPC available: 33 grade, 43 grade and 53 grade cement. Cement grade is primarily based totally at the compression electricity (Mpa) of the concrete so that it will obtain after 28 days of setting. Grade 33 refers back to the cement accomplishing compression electricity of 33 Mpa in 28 days of setting. This is equal for forty three and fifty three grades of cement. Grade 33 and 43 had been used for production within side the past. 53 grade cement may be partly changed with 20% of fly ash via way of means of the load of cement within side the production web website online and may be used. Partial substitute of cement via way of means of fly ash now no longer handiest saves fee however additionally improves the sturdiness homes of cement because of the pore refinement (executed via way of means of including fly ash).

This additionally will increase workability and will increase electricity. OPC cement is used for structural factors like beams, columns etc. Since OPC profits electricity early it has a better warmness of hydration and because of this, cracks are formed. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) PPC has now turn out to be the primary preference because of the use of pozzolanic materials. They are the via way of means of-merchandise of thermal stations that assist lessen the environmental trouble and provide higher belongings to the cement. It is commonly used for plastering, brick masonry and waterproofing works.

PPC has a decrease warmness of hydration and it's miles at risk of fewer cracks as compared to OPC. PPC has decrease electricity than OPC however PPC gives higher workability and completing than OPC. PPC gives more resistance to chemicals. Following are the advantages of PPC Cement. 1. It gives higher workability 2. It has higher resistance to chemical attack 3. It is much less expensive than OPC Portland Slag Cement (PSC) PSC is used for systems constructed close to the ocean shore. PSC gives amazing resistance to sulfate and chloride. PSC has amazing corrosion resistance homes, subsequently it's miles broadly utilized in coastal regions, sewage disposal, and water remedy plants. While choosing best cement for home construction among OPC and PPC, maintain this element in thoughts what number of days it calls for to take away the formwork.

Which cement is the excellent OPC or PPC for Home Construction? OPC cement is appropriate for building a residence in India. Usually, OPC fifty three grade cement is excellent for structural individuals like footing, column, beam, and slab, While PPC cement is optimal for masonry, plaster, tiling waterproofing, and trendy paintings. Which Cement is Best for the foundation? OPC fifty three grade cement is appropriate for foundation, column, beam, and the slab wherein preliminary and last electricity is critical for structure. Which Cement is Best For Brickwork? OPC forty three grade or PPC cement is appropriate for brickwork, plaster, tiling, waterproofing, and different trendy paintings wherein preliminary electricity isn't always that critical.