Uni-Tight Cement

Unitight Cement protects your home from harmful salts and acids by preventing them from entering.

PPC cement

Unitight Cement is made from OPC pozzolanic (siliceous) substances, such as silica, volcanic ash, fly ash, and pond ash. PPC is considered the product of the future in the construction industry due to its various applications and ability to withstand hostile environments.

Most popular brand

Banshiwala has a decade of cement industry experience, making it the most trusted brand. Banshiwala Cement is the preferred supplier of home builders' products, services, and solutions. Since 2011, we have offered a wide range of cement solutions to meet everyone's needs.

Best Quality

Banshiwala provides a wide range of products from the foundation to the finish of your home, making it stronger and more durable. Our products are equally suitable for specialized applications and environments for general construction.


Unitight Cement is the best building material, providing a selection of critical consumer special quality requirements. An optimal blend of high-reactive silica and slag gives your residence longevity, stamina, and security. The Concrete generated by Portland Pozzolana concrete has more strength, is more long-lasting, stands up to damp breaking and thermal splitting, and has high cohesion and workability in Concrete and mortar. From the hardest of climate conditions to rust and shrinkage fractures, Unitight cement got you covered. Portland Pozzolana Unitight cement is high-quality, intimately mixed, or underground with pozzolanic materials such as fly ash, calcined clay, rice husk ash, etc. Portland concrete clinker is either confidential or mixed with defined quantities of gypsum and pozzolanic materials to generate Pozzolana concrete. Pozzolanas blend with calcium hydroxide in the presence of moisture at moderate temperature to create compounds that leads to impressive buildings. Unitight Cement protects your home from harmful salts and acids by preventing them from entering. Unitight Cement has many features that make it the Best Quality Cement in Rajasthan.

Before developing your dream home, Unitight is conscious of every home building contractor's assumption of experience and perfection. The circulation of its highly crafted particles adds real value to the Concrete, making it denser and impermeable. Unitight Cement is the latest innovative offering from the house of Banshiwala Cement.

What is the importance of the cement industry in Rajasthan?

India's most important Cement producing state is Rajasthan. This area, also known as Chittaurgarh, contains many raw materials (cement grade limestone) required for producing high-quality Cement. Rajasthan is home to almost all major cement manufacturers in the country. Rajasthan stands 2nd in the nation in cement manufacturing after Andhra Pradesh. The first cement manufacturing facility in Rajasthan was set up in Lakheri (Bundi) in 1915. The cement industry needs to be in such areas where raw-- materials (sedimentary rock and plaster) are available in plentiful amounts. There are 2.5 billion lots of sedimentary rock in Rajasthan. The variety of cement factories has frequently enhanced in western areas of the state in the last several years. The establishment of minor-- scale devices is prioritized due to lower power requirements and manufacturing prices. Banshiwala Cement is the most trusted cement brand in Rajasthan. An advanced bulk concrete terminal (which subscribes to all environmental norms) dispatches cement wholesale kind to RMC and asbestos plants. The terminal also has a modern-day Italian make Ventomatic packer to pack Cement in 50 kg paper bags to customers on the island. Unitight’s bulk concrete terminal lies in Rajasthan. Banshiwala is known as a top cement Manufacturer in Rajasthan. Specially-engineered, self-discharging mass cement carriers get the unitight Cement we use.

With its sharp concentration on Cement, Banshiwala cement has always believed that, like plans between countries in various parts of the globe for regional participation, the group also must exist in nearby nations with centers to certify as a local manufacturer of Cement.

Unitight Cement has been meeting the concrete demands of top quality by providing the best quality cement. The firm's consumer base has recognized the high quality and service levels backed with an area pressure to market cement along with qualified designers in the specialized cell who provide technical recommendations to consumers at the site. This recognition has allowed the business to achieve substantial market share in a highly open market teaming with international competitors, including two of the largest suppliers. In this affordable setting, the company's client base has offered its brand equity and acknowledged it as a superior quality concrete distributor on the island.