Unitight Power Plus

Unitight Power Plus is the perfect choice cement for those who want early strength and premium finish.

Higher Durability

Moisture resistance and strength are attributed to the combination of highly reactive clinker and hydrophobic grinding aids that helps in providing higher durability. With Unitight Power Plus, you will get more workability and early strength in less time.

Maximum Strength

Unitight Power Plus cement is known for its high strength and performance, catering to its three segments, Individual Home Builders (IHBs), Contractors, and Professionals. From the foundation to the roof, Unitight Power Plus Cement combines improved strength and moisture resistance helping your building reach maximum strength. 

Supreme Quality

With Unitight Power Plus, you get a premium quality PPC Cement especially engineered by Banshiwala Cement for roofing applications. Unitight Power Plus technology enhances the performance & life of the concrete and offers multiple advantages. Superior-grade cement requires unique characteristics to achieve the highest quality standards. It is available in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. 


How does Unitight Power Plus help you build the home of your dreams?

Unitight Power Plus is the best quality cement made with Banshiwala a high-quality Cement Manufacturer in Rajasthan. Unitight Power Plus cement aids in eliminating the formwork earlier & guarantees the faster development of building and construction tasks. This likewise minimizes the price of building and construction significantly. 

A well-established brand in India, Banshiwala Cement is understood for its high strength, high-performance Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), and Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC). OPC & PPC are both excellent quality active hydraulic binders & are like brand names for all the building applications. The production capacity of Banshiwala is in million tonnes that helps in creating Best Quality Cement in Rajasthan.

What makes Unitight Power Plus Best Cement for Home?

With a slightly premium price, Unitight Power Plus is composed of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). The cement grains are so refined that they spread over large surface areas, making them watertight and durable.  Unitight Power Plus is packaged in moisture-proof and tamper-proof Laminated Polypropylene (LPP) bags to ensure freshness and a long life span. For roofing systems, you can always rely on Controlled Fragment Dimension Distribution technology to do an exceptional task. The Pozzolanic material (Flyash) discovered in the cement is dried out and gone through a roller press before the manufacturing procedure begins. The treated slag is blended with OPC to generate Unitight Power Plus which is One-of-a-kind and also minimizes the opportunity of dampness as well as fractures in the building using Unitight Power Plus. 

How does Unitight Power Plus cement differ from other cement?

Unitight Power Plus is developed with unique performance boosting components, its remarkable water repellent top quality makes it possible to work as a shield against water seepage. Unitight Power Plus can be utilized for all applications (foundation, piece & walls) as well, as it ensures that your house can stand up to the inconsistencies of severe weather conditions. Use Unitight Power Plus for all your building requirements-- Develop a more powerful residence and be free without all water seepage relevant concerns. Via the use of modern technology and a strong drive for research and development, Banshiwala Cement has established items to deal with its 3 client sections-- Individual House Builders, Contractors and Professionals, and also Experts. 

What is the manufacturing location of Unitight Power Plus?

Rajasthan is home to almost all major cement manufacturers in the country. Cement factories have been widely spread throughout western areas of the state since a few years ago, which opened up many opportunities for cement manufacturers. Banshiwala cement has many cement manufacturing units situated in Rajasthan that are known as the best Cement Manufacturers in Rajasthan. Unitight Power Plus is readily available in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Banshiwala Cement is known as the most trusted cement brand in Rajasthan. Superior laminated packaging ensures the bags are tamper-proof, while weather-proof packing avoids obstructing. 

Why you should choose Banshiwala cement?

High-Quality Cement - the trademark of Banshiwala cement, given its creation-- has aided it in creating modern technology to produce cement of consistently high quality from diverse basic materials. Concerning 25 percent of the business's manufacturing of high toughness, Portland Pozzolana Concrete (PPC) utilizes fly ash-- a waste generated in thermal power plants-- as raw material. PPC presently comprises 93 percent of the business's product profile. Banshiwala Cement was the first to introduce Unitight Power plus in the market. By benchmarking high-quality criteria for the market, Banshiwala became the initial cement firm to get the ISO 9002 quality accreditation. As a result of the hydrophobic concrete such as Unitight Power Plus, the great pores are dispersed evenly in the concrete, making it crack resistant.